These are the core features of the Cellulr Portal. Please contact us to find out more.


Integrated API

Supports automated processes for GSM and CDMA with automated fronted account management and plan activations.

The Cellurlrio portal is tied directly to both Verizon and T-Mobile through advanced API functionality, allowing us to automate many of the mundane processes normally found when managing customer cellular accounts.


Supports Non-API Process

To allow for swivel chair inbound email order fulfillment, providing all necessary information to manually complete the order.

With API support disabled, our system deploys a notification system designed to allow for easy swivel chair account management.

Billing automation remains intact, allowing for system notification at the time of initial activation, payment for top-up and / or failed payment signalling for plan disconnect.


Customer Login

To support self managed service plans with New Activations, Top-ups, manual month to month and automatic recurring billing.

Give your customers confidence knowing that they have access to plan management, billing history and customer support.


Recurring Billing

Enables month-to-month automatic billing or manual payments, encouraging customer satisfaction by offering both options.

Some of our customers enjoy the convenience of monthly recurring billing wherein their credit or debit card is automatically charged each month for service, allowing for the next month top-up to be automatically applied to their account.


Point of Sale (POS) Transactions

Dealer portal login supports traditional over the counter point of sale transactions seen inside of brick and mortar establishments.

New customer accounts are created at the time of purchase. Dealers pay scale supports commissions upon customer acquisition, recurring monthly commissions and plan spiffs
Dealer wallet charged wholesale price for service plan at the time of the transaction.
Unlimited dealer employee accounts


Integrated Support Ticket System

Allows customer, dealers and master agents to submit support tickets from within their user account.

Our integrated support ticket system allows for online support. This feature is made available to the customer, as well as dealers and master agents in the system, allowing them to submit support tickets from within their user account.


Cellulrio™ enables businesses of all sizes to private label wireless service on the nations leading wireless networks.

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